The Complete ISP Solution

daloRADIUS is a complete billing system which offers a variety of different features to suit any ISP's needs. Enabling ISP managers to take full control over their precious resources and network elements

Web Based Interface

Impressive web interface allows sysadmins to manage their subscribers and server components

NAS Support

supports Mikrotik & CISCO , unlimited NASs can be added to the system.

Reports & Charts
Billing provides visual charts & graphs for most reports.

Import & Export with Data Quota

Import & Export data directly from/to excel files And Set download/upload or total traffic quota for each profile


With billing , all actions are logged into syslog database where admins can review and audit transactions and updates carefully.

Online Updates & Maintenance

We provide regular updates to our system , updates can be applied automatically with a single click. A built-in tunnel for remote access included for each server.

Hardware requirements

For up to 5k subscribers : CPU : Intel Core i5 or better RAM : 8GB DDR3 DISK : 2x500GB (7200RPM)



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